Fusing flavours from across the world with unique sensory appeal.

Cuisine: Ethnic | Experimental.
Concept: Eclectic | Inventive

 Concept: PALATE on PALETTE 


Broadening your gustatory horizons through our culinary explorations is our mission at Palate Palette Bombay.

We wish to bring to your palate an experimental presentation of colours, flavours, textures and contrasts across various cultures through mixers and small private tasting events. That being said, our health-friendly focus relies on the artful usage of real and fresh ingredients - no chemicals, no additives, no gas, no gimmicks. Moreover, we would like to find out about your own interests and preferences as well, to harness our own creative energies to design, and perhaps even invent treats that taste as good as they look. 

Our interests at Palate Palette Bombay are not limited to food alone. There exist numerous other ideas and products within our repertoire that will only elevate your culinary experiences, be it at home or elsewhere. 

Should you be interested, feel free to drop by or drop a line!